Businesses are multi-faceted. The number of tasks a small business owner must tackle on their own can feel overwhelming. Often we spend time and resources on areas that don't net results. By quantifying what your business actually needs to grow, you will learn to make business decisions that legitimately move your business ahead in the most strategic and productive ways.
You need to know what tasks are necessary for your success versus those that are a waste of time. The classic case is social media. Does every healing business need a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube? Some do and some do not. You will discover what you most need to succeed and take the RIGHT steps only.
As a small business owner, you don't have to DO everything, but you do have to make sure it all gets done. When you understand what activities lead to success, your daily business life becomes easier to manage. We teach the must-know tools that simplify your work so life gets easier.
Through diligent tracking, you always know what is and what ISN'T working. From there, we can adjust. Our team specializes in helping you focus so daily tasks have the greatest impact on meeting your goals, whatever they may be.

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Business consulting is solely focused on the goals you want to accomplish.

How Can Business Consulting Help Your Practice?

As the challenges in our world continue to grow, the need for helping professionals is on the rise.  Challenges like stress and loneliness are at an all-time high, so much so that governments around the world are taking notice and addressing these issues at national levels (in January 2018 the UK government appointed the first Minister of Loneliness) to try and meet this increasing demand for services.

That means, as a healing professional it's more important than ever to be easily accessible to your clients. 

Yet, many clinicians are still very hard to find. 

Many have outdated websites that are not mobile friendly and are under penalties from places like Google. In the rush to do great work, clinicians and healers are falling behind.

This is where we step in. 

Team getting business consulting servicesBusiness consulting is unlike other forms of business coaching or specific service-oriented packages like SEO or branding. The primary difference is that when you work with a business consultant, the focus of the work is decided by you. Many clients like this approach because it allows them to explore lots of different areas that need help.

For example, it could be that your website needs an update or you may need to learn how to blog. Perhaps you need to learn the ins and outs of content marketing so you can attract more clients to your website. Or you have a big idea in your mind about a book, TedTalk or even retirement and you need to learn where to start or how to make progress.

When we begin working with a client, our approach is to discover the goals you most want to achieve and get super-realistic about what's required to reach your goals. Our expertise for more than a decade has been with healing professionals exclusively, so we genuinely understand your struggles.

What does that look like?

For many practitioners, issues around insurance and fees are big challenges, as are things like social media, email marketing, newsletter marketing, eBooks, retreats, workshops and selling tickets and how to leave a legacy behind.

YourTango Expert's business consulting service team has experience with all of these issues and have successfully helped counselors, coaches, doctors, nutritionists, healers, spiritual leaders and writers through all of these challenges.

When you're ready for this type of support, you've reached a milestone. Your experience will change exponentially when you have a team. The world has gone digital, and we can help you figure out your place in it.

To schedule a private consultation with one of our associates to explore business consulting possibilities, please reach out.