All book projects begin with an idea. If you want your book chosen by a big publisher, Harper Collins or Simon & Schuester to name a few, you need a GREAT idea.
Sometimes, inside of your idea is a kernel of something truly magnificent. Together we explore how to bring out the very best in your book so it has the greatest opportunity for publishing.
In the book world there are 2 pathways and sometimes, self-publishing is the way to go. We examine all of your options, costs and benefits to find the best path forward.
With the details figured out, it's time to write. If traditional publishing is your path, we work on a book proposal to get your content ready for an agent. If self-publishing is your path, we walk that road together.

Ask Yourself...

How much does it mean to write your book and leave your legacy to the world?

Is NOW the right time to explore writing your book?

Remember, it takes time...

Reading stacks and stacks of books!Are you ready to write your book?

Books are labors of love. They are passion projects that seem to erupt out of people and NEED TO BE HEARD.

Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Big Magic and Eat, Pray, Love talks in Big Magic about her book journey. The section that always sticks with us (and we're paraphrasing), is the part about how ideas seem to almost be in the air. They float around looking for someone to take them on; to love them and nurture them...

Have you had that experience? A great idea came into your head and then magically (or not so magically) someone else published the idea? Call it law-of-attraction or whatever you like, ideas seem to be like that.

When you consider hiring a book coach, you must consider both the time and investment in getting your idea out AND the pain of someone else breathing life into your idea.

That's not to push you into a decision, but to poke a bit to get to the answer of how much does your book matter to you?

If the answer is, "I can't imagine being on my deathbed with my book unpublished..." well, there's your answer.

If it's a fleeting thought that's more like, "sure, that would be great..." but there's no passion behind it, that's also your answer.

When you work with a coach to write your book, it's a process to help you explore the relevancy, competition, and audience for your book.

When you work with a book coach, the ideas you want to explore in your book are discussed in a private setting. Many people hold their book ideas close to their heart, and a good book coach can help you understand what you're bringing uniquely to the world versus what parts of your ideas a building on the shoulders of the people who published before you.

And that's ok. Most books are not completely original. Many of the best books build on ideas explored in other books or media. Even J.K. Rowling has heroes who inspired her (think Lord of the Rings and Star Wars to name a few)

Book coaching will bring you to the place of decision making and greater understanding around topics like:

  • How much is the world interested in what you want to write about?
  • What's required to craft a book proposal that agents and publishers will be interested in?
  • What's needed to get your book to the marketplace?
  • What's the cost of getting your book out?
  • Is self-publishing truly a better choice for you?
  • Can you make any money on this venture (hint, the answer is yes...)
  • What should you expect from a publishing house in terms of marketing, book promotion, contracts, and revenue?
  • And more.

All of these things are incredibly important pieces of the education you need to be prepared to make decisions about your book. 

Books are a doorway to many opportunities for published writers. From speaking events to TED Talks, paid workshop opportunities and future book deals, these same doors do not open as easily or in the same way without a book behind your name. 

Dr. Sheryl Ziegler, a book coaching client for the past few years shares this about her experience working with YourTango Experts:

Melanie has helped me from creating a book proposal outline to writing the proposal that went to auction and was bought by Harper Collins. Without her by my side each step of the way, I am not sure that I would have been able to put in the year of work that it took to complete that process. Melanie helps hold me accountable, is incredibly insightful, intelligent and honest. The guidance that she offers on website optimization, article formation and editing is invaluable. She is truly dynamic in every sense of the word!

Whether you want to write a book or start writing articles, it would be wise to have a coach and I can’t say enough wonderful things about Melanie being your guide in the process.

Dr. Sheryl Ziegler, Psychologist and author of Mommy Burnout: How to Reclaim Your Life and Raise Healthier Children in the Process

If you have the passion to write a book AND you're ready to get your name out there as a published author, this may be for you.

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