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Welcome to YourTango Experts. We are a digital marketing company with a unique focus on the business needs of healing professionals. This is the world we come from. Our team is made up of coaches, therapists, reiki, and healing practitioners who share a deep interest in how to leverage technology to connect with consumers. We were in this space long before COVID-19, and we'll be here long after it's gone. 

Our approach is holistic. Unlike people who specialize in doing just "Facebook ads" or "SEO", our business strategies take the whole picture into account. So even if all you need is a social media coach, the results you'll gain from working with us will help your business grow.

That approach saves you time and money. Better yet, it's tested and proven.

We consult with each client individually to explore your online footprint. We want to know if your marketing and social media match up with your goals? Does your website (landing pages, marketing, articles, etc.) include the right keywords for your ideal client? And do those keywords actually have value to your business?

What's stopping you from the growth that you really want? Discovering and then removing the barriers to your success is what we do.

If you're ready for this kind of help, we would love to help you take your business to the next level.

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We offer business consulting for the following challenges:

I want to move my counseling practice to a digital practice in an ongoing way. What’s the best approach to take so my practice stays afloat?
I need a social media plan that works. I don’t have time to be on Facebook every day but I know I need a social presence.
What can you take off my plate?
I know I need to write articles, but I’m not sure what people search for or how to really grab their interest. I want my articles to be as authentic as my business is. Can you help with writing ideas and strategy?
My website was built years ago and doesn’t reflect my business anymore. But, I don’t like technology and it feels like a big waste of my time. What can I do to make my website feel more like me?

As A YourTango Expert, We Offer The Following Support:

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Our sister site offers an easy-to-use membership to get started. With it, you receive the following:

    • Publishing – share your articles with our 12 million + viewers.
    • Editing – selected articles are edited by our professional team for improved look/feel and communication with a large audience.
    • Promotion – after editing, your article is promoted to our homepage and across our social channels. This is how we reach millions of readers each month.
    • Trending writing topics delivered weekly – don’t know what to write about? Don’t worry. Each week we offer 20 new and timely writing prompts to help you focus your articles on topics readers are deeply interested in.
    • Weekly Business Coaching – need to polish your skills? Not sure how to market your helping or healing business? No worries; we have you covered. Our writing course + weekly business coaching are included as part of your membership. We not only teach you how to communicate your message to a targeted audience, we also help you understand how content creation and social media strategies fits into a smart marketing plan.

YourTango Experts provides strategic marketing services for coaches, business executives, and therapists alike to serve the unique marketing needs of healers.

If this is your area of expertise, we invite you to join.

Personalized Direction & Support

Along with our membership option, we also offer professional help in the following ways:

    • Our “PR Program” will support you with editorial strategy and promotion so your content is seen by the right people.
    • Hate writing but know the value of great content? Our “Ghostwriting Program” takes the hard work out of publishing so you can spend less time on your keyboard.
    • Perhaps you love writing but worry that you’re not good at it? Take our “Writing Course” to learn the basics for digital writing along with the editorial secrets that separate good content from GREAT content.
    • Hate Facebook but know you need a presence there? Our “Facebook Management” program makes growing your Facebook audience effortless and smart.
    • Need to refresh or update your website? Our “Website Reboot” program is for anyone whose website is outdated, misaligned, or non-existent.
    • Finally, do you need to create a great experience for readers on your website, but not sure where or how to find the “right” audience? We can help with this too. Our “Content Marketing + SEO Program” will get you all the answers you need around how to scale your business for the future.

To learn more about any of our programs, reach out to to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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In addition to our membership, we also offer 3 popular programs for in-depth growth:

Get A Clear Direction For Your Business

Learn how to best use social media, content marketing, online courses, and more to grow your practice and income.

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Get Website Traffic

Learn how to attract qualified clients to your website without compromising your standards, ethics, or wasting a ton of time.

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Write Your Book

Get down to business and finally write your book. Traditional and self-publishing coaching for writers serious about writing a book.

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