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Welcome to YourTango Experts. We are an online business consulting and marketing service dedicated to helping mental health, healing, and transformational professionals grow their business.

Our work is simple: we help our clients understand what they need from an online platform and then help them grow it.  From SEO (search engine optimization), to content marketing, social media, and publishing books, we teach our clients how to connect with the audience most in need of their services.

How do we do this?

We help you by understanding where your business is struggling and focus our efforts there. Our team of professionals have been in the business for over 20 years and understand the need to show measurable results, so we target the most influential areas of your business and improve the ROI (return on investment) for those areas first. We do this by focusing on the most critical, time-intensive concerns like content and online marketing, social media growth and reach, as well as niche interests like SEO (search engine optimization) and writing books so you can see results. 

Our sister site is instrumental for offering market exposure to clients looking to publish articles that reach an audience seeking help to improve their lives.  When you work with our team, we teach you the branding, keywords, and content marketing strategies required to increase your traffic, reputation, and trustworthiness online. The result of which is greater ease with running your business and a stronger return on your investment.

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Do any of these pain points sound familiar to you?

I want to increase my revenue by either raising my rates, creating a package or other product that brings in reoccuring revenue.

Where should I start?

I have tried marketing my small business in many ways, but nothing works consistently to send me qualified leads and traffic.

How can I get more clients?

I know content marketing is important, but I don’t love to write. I’m not sure what clients are interested in or what will get shared on social media.

Where should I start?

My website doesn’t reflect where I want to take my business anymore, but I’m not good at technology and unsure how to add or edit my website.

What can I do?

YourTango Experts has an incredible track record of helping healing professionals with all of these things.

Our case studies show that we give members the tools, education, and support required to publish articles on their own. This leads to more traffic, more clients and increased income. And while online publishing can sometimes lead to instant results, it typically requires an investment of time and effort to pay off in a way that, for many experts, has been transformational for their businesses.

We offer 3 different options to help grow your business:

Do It Yourself (DIY)

As a member of YourTango Experts, you receive the following support:

  • Publishing abilities to share your expertise and message with our 17 million followers
  • Over 40 hours of free business coaching annually (on topics that really matter like understanding social media and publishing trends that attract more readers)
  • Listing in our directory so potential clients can search and connect with your business
  • Free access to a powerful selection of weekly “hot topics” to make publishing easier and faster
  • Private access to other members of our Expert community, enabling you to ask questions and share best practices!

Hold Your Hand

Once you become a member of YourTango Experts, you can choose the level of support you’re most comfortable with.

  • Our “Jumpstart Program” holds your hand to get your first article successfully published and actively promoted!
  • Our “PR Program” holds your hand to help you publish 12 articles a year with active promotion across partner and social networks for maximum exposure of your ideas.
  • Our customized “Hot Topics” offer you timely and trending headlines to write on so your articles are laser targeted to meet the needs of your audience.
  • Plus, everything offered in our DIY program.

We Do It For You

You may love the idea of publishing, but maybe you don’t feel like you have the time to commit to regular writing to grow your business? Or maybe you don’t like writing or feel confident? Don’t worry! We can do it for you.

Join YourTango Experts

In addition to our membership, we also offer 3 popular programs for in-depth growth:

Social Media & Business Consulting

Social media is challenging for many small businesses. Business consulting can help you determine the right content to share on which social sites. When you add a smart business strategy to your social media plan, magic comes together. Learn if social media coaching or business consulting is right for you.

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Get Website Traffic

The Internet works like a superhighway, leading clients to your website from many different sources. Every healing business needs a plan to attract clients who are ready for help. Our team will teach you how to connect with clients searching for the support, products, books, tools, and services you offer.

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Write Your Book

Many people dream of writing a book. For some, it's a legacy they want to leave the world. Others, see books as the pathway to a bigger career, TED Talks, and paid speaking jobs. Books we have worked on have published through big firms like HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster. Let's explore what's possible for you!

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How does it work?

Our approach to publishing enables professionals to own their traffic rather than rent it. By following our guidance, learning our techniques and using our tools, you can build a stream of people who continuously discover your work. That ongoing funnel leads prospective clients right to you for support.

In addition, online publishing is a helpful complement to directory listings and can lead to better “therapeutic matches.” The reason is clear. When a prospective client finds, say, three professionals that they are interested in reaching out to for help, chances are high that they will Google each of them. As ample evidence has shown, a prospective client is much more inclined to contact the candidate that they can get a positive feel for and get to know better thanks to discovering his or her professional articles on the web.

NO ONE wants to treat finding a therapist, coach, or counselor like dating. In other words, you want to find the right fit before wasting time and money on the wrong therapist or coach. Achieving a successful match out of the gate is incredibly important for both the client and the healer. Our services help facilitate these kinds of successful matches so everyone finds, and gets, the help they need.

Why Partner With YourTango?

In addition to being driven by a deep sense of purpose to help and heal people, YourTango is an incredibly powerful partner to help you build your digital presence because we are experts in online publishing.

Our mission is to help our audience love and connect more meaningfully with friends, family and the world around them; feel strong, healthy and hopeful; and foster a deep sense of inclusivity and empowerment. Rather than preying on our readers’ insecurities, we aim to increase their inner strength and well-being.

Our editorial voice is powerful in large part due to the incredible chorus of diverse voices that comprise it. These voices are at once brave, real, insightful, and empathetic.

They beautifully elevate what we specialize in publishing: validating stories, thought-provoking perspectives, and approachable expert advice, along with a sprinkling of pop culture, energizing wellness tips, and seriously addictive, astrological insights.

We have built a powerful platform in which our robust community of readers, writers, brands, and the foremost thought leaders in mental health, wellness, love and relationships connect and engage where it matters most: the heart.

We attract over 17 million visits per month to and our vast distribution for the articles and videos we publish goes well beyond our site. We help our members publish successfully to social media and have a spectacular track record in getting thousands of expert articles syndicated to other premium publishers with whom we partner, such as Yahoo and MSN.

Finally, we have been publishing successfully online for over ten years. We know what works and what doesn’t. Our business consulting services will help your practice grow while also teaching you how to market yourself on the web on the topics you're passionate about helping clients resolve. 

If you want to explore the many ways online publishing and our proven techniques can help your business grow, please reach out today.

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