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We provide guidance and insights on your business - all the boring but important, logistical stuff - ie accounting, marketing, etc; on your practice - ie how do you best serve your clients and patients; on your self care and development - healers and helpers need to take care of yourselves, too, we know!; and on extending your reach and impact, for those of you into this sort of thing - from getting a book deal to doing a TEDx Talk to developing courses and more.

Member Benefits Homepage

This one-of-a kind program helps you thrive even more in the crucial work you do. We offer the following to serve you and your needs as a healing pro:

  • Professional Development & Training
    • Including Continuing Education Credits valued up to $600* per year!
  • Community & Connection
  • PR, Marketing & Social Media
  • Business Intelligence
  • Events & Gatherings

Additional features and benefits are being developed to support your work and the important role you play in our society, helping and healing others.

*This value is determined by the membership level you choose

YTE How we help you homepage

Crafted to cater to your unique needs as a healing or helping professional, your membership will help you:

  • Elevate your business
  • Enhance your practice
  • Energize your self-care and development
  • Extend your reach and impact

For over ten years, therapists, coaches, alternative healers, counselors, MDs, RNs, and other forms of healing and helping pros have received tremendous value as members of the unique, powerful and impactful community that YourTango Experts has developed.

YTE Community and Connection Homepage

We encourage you to join our incredible community of healing and helping professionals! This is where so much of the magic happens as a YTE member. How our members support, share with, learn from, and commune with one another is really wonderful. It is helpful and, at times, even healing for our members themselves.

We provide all sorts of ways for our members to share pain points, solutions, questions, doubts, tips, ideas and so much more with one another. They keep it real. They support one another. They provide so much motivation and inspiration – including to our YTE team – we are often blown away.

We are grateful to have developed such a sense of belonging and support among our YTE members.

  • Round table discussions (live, virtual and recorded)
  • Peer to peer gatherings (live, virtual)
  • A dedicated YTE Facebook group
  • A private member platform with a searchable directory with direct messaging,
  • Online group forums and spaces for announcements.

Attend live, virtual events featuring peers, thought leaders, and relevant experts, offering incredible opportunities to learn from, engage, and connect with each other.

We host:

  • Weekly expert coaching sessions (live, virtual and recorded)
  • Round table discussions (live, virtual and recorded)
  • Peer to peer meet ups (live, virtual)
  • Access to the YourTango Experts Healers & Helpers Summit featuring over 30 experts from our industry sharing actionable insights, stories and more! (virtual, recorded)
YTE Professional Development Homepage

Along with a ton of training, coaching and professional development, your YTE membership provides Continuing Education Credits worth up to $600.

From riveting and highly actionable virtual coaching sessions to an array of courses that earn CE credits to insightful roundtable discussions with motivated peers & more! Discover tips, easy hacks, actionable insights and business strategies through video content, recorded workshops, articles and e-books available at your fingertips.

  • Weekly expert coaching sessions (virtual)
  • Access a vast archive of video content that will help you in all facets of your work – from dealing effectively with difficult clients to getting a book deal to learning practical means to market your healing biz
  • Gain actionable insights via a bunch of articles and ebooks geared to help you in your business and your practice
  • Member round table discussions (virtual)
  • Peer to peer meet ups (virtual)
  • Access to the YourTango Experts Healers & Helpers Summit featuring over 30 experts from our industry sharing actionable insights, stories and more! (virtual, recorded)

Also, in partnership with our partner, Online CE Credits, you may receive continuing education credits worth $600 We offer a wide array of classes such as: Advanced EMDR Skills for Complex Trauma, Clients Who Lie Honestly: Treatment Strategies & Special Considerations, Compassion Fatigue and Burnout: Ethics, Prevention and Resiliency, plus many more! Many courses are taught by some of the most respected practitioners and researchers in our industry including: XYZ (names of practitioners)

YTE Business Intelligence Homepage

Access exclusive industry research to enhance your business and healing or helping practice

Receive YourTango’s proprietary industry research along with our YTE Newsletter featuring must-read articles, member success stories along with other best practices, tips, hacks, and ideas to support you as a healing or helping pro

The proprietary research we conduct offers unique, actionable insights into the healing industry, including data that enables you to benchmark yourself against your peers. Leverage it to enhance your business & practice.

YTE our Why

We are passionate about helping healing and helping pros thrive in your careers and your lives so you can have the greatest positive impact on your clients and patients, and in turn, our society and motivate more people to choose this profession. As critical front line workers and researchers, healing and helping professionals have a disproportionate impact on the well being of our citizens.

As a YTE member, we aim for you to feel a deep sense of belonging in the special culture we have created that appreciates the critically important work you do as a healing professional and our intention to help you achieve your greatest ambitions as a healing professional.

We care deeply about you and the important work you do. We know it is often very lonely to be doing what you do. We know that to run a business – on top of providing care to people all day long – requires a lot of different skills and bandwidth. We know that there is a lot happening in our industry and there is a lot to keep on top of! We know, finally, that all of us do better when we are part of a group of people that care; that are interested in seeing and hearing each other; that will share pain points, hacks, tips, and insights – along with laughter and tears along the way.

We have developed YourTango Experts to help you thrive in your work because we know that when the healers and helpers thrive, there is a massive multiplier effect that ripples well beyond you – from the impact you have on your clients to the research you conduct to the books you write and videos you shoot.

While membership in YTE offers invaluable benefits tailor-made for healing and helping professionals, it’s the active participation in a powerful community of individuals who care deeply about helping each other and serving the millions of people who need healing support and care that provides transcendent value to the YTE experience.

Our members readily share their insights, pain points, observations, best practices and more, with one another, which offers tremendous value in a YTE membership, along with a wonderful sense of belonging and affirmation in a community that cares as much as ours does.

YTE provides members with actionable insights and practical how to’s; peer to peer sharing and best practices; step by step learning modules, and other forms of education geared to healing professionals, including coaching sessions and workshops conducted by an array of hand-picked speakers, thought leaders and healing practitioners who are leaders and experts in the healing industry; media, publishing, technology, and marketing; as well as in the administration of healing businesses.

We offer you a vast content, coaching and business intelligence platform; PR and marketing insights and opportunities; and an engaged, caring community of peers and experts tailored to support you, your practice and your business.

Finally, we revel in our members’ success! It is supremely gratifying to our team to see what a difference our offerings, caring, and insights make in our members’ lives and work. We have created a virtuous cycle that truly is making the world a better place every single day.

How we help you thrive

At YourTango Experts, we empathize with the challenges that healing professionals, like yourself, navigate daily. To address these hurdles, we've meticulously curated specialized tracks designed to empower you in conquering your most common challenges


Elevate your business

We recognize that when you embarked on your journey as a healer or helper, running a business might was likely not your prime motivation. From member feedback, we understand the challenges of entrepreneurship and how many healers find running a business frustrating, difficult and distracting. From doing seo and marketing to handling administrative tasks to managing all of the other logistical requirements: as a healer, many of you are running a business while building a clinical practice. We provide insights and support to help the administrative and entrepreneurial part of your work more manageable and less draining.

YTE Elevate your Business Homepage

Enhance your practice

We provide ideas, inspiration, stories and resources, including examples from other successful healing pros around developing your practice and treating your clients. Let’s face it: there is a LOT that is changing in our industry. This is exciting but it can also be daunting. New therapies are emerging regularly, old – and even ancient – treatments are becoming popular; there is considerable disagreement around certain existing treatments. Are you better off narrowing your focus and becoming a go-to with deeper expertise on a particular disorder or are you better off building a practice that treats a broad array of problems? What do you need to know about plant medicine or other popular entheogens? We are here to help you keep up to date on these kinds of decisions.

In the midst of dedicating your entire day to clients and patients, staying updated on the latest in your practice can be challenging. Enter YourTango Experts, where we’ve curated a track designed to effortlessly glean insights from fellow healing professionals like yourself. Connected to with other passionate practitioners in your industry about how they are evolving their practice informed with our 5-day annual Healers and Helpers summit featuring industry experts, and gain access to up to $600 in continuing education credits to meet your CE requirements. Your journey to staying current begins right here with YourTango Experts.

YTE Enhance your practice Homepage

Energize your self-care and development

We understand that your own self-care and professional development can sometimes be overlooked amid competing priorities as a healing pro. No need to worry – YourTango Experts has crafted a specialized track solely devoted to placing We are here to help you place the spotlight on the most crucial person in your practice: yourself. From providing group meditation sessions to discussing how other healing pros cultivate themselves to offering cutting-edge professional development classes through our our partner, Online CE Credits and so much more: we are here to help you be the very best version of you. Elevate your well-being, self-care and development and professional growth seamlessly with us.

YTE Energize Homepage

Extend your reach and impact

Achieving thought leadership status Becoming a thought leader and raising one’s profile in the healing industry is a common aspiration for many of our members. With YourTango, gain access to a platform reaching 30 million people actively seeking expert advice. Our specialized trainings guide you on the path to From learning how to get a TEDx talk to landing a big book deal to developing an engaged social following, we provide a ton of guidance on how to extend your reach and impact. and securing valuable free press. It’s time to take the first step toward amplifying your impact – get started with YourTango today.

YTE Extend your reach Homepage

Member Stories

What our customers have to say.

Susan Allan Member Stories
Thank you for the miracle of editor Joanna Schroeder! While I have been writing for YourTango for many years, readership has soared for me because of Joanna’s support and enthusiasm. She is amazingly helpful and as an author herself, she understands how to best serve YourTango’s requirements while continuing to meet my own need to educate and entertain.

Susan Allan

Life Coach, Mediator

T-Ann Pierce Member Stories
The YourTango community has become like extended family. They are my cheerleaders, therapists, friends, personal google and housekeepers, cleaning up my website and my articles. I now have the support of experts who've become my mastermind group, inspiring me, holding me accountable and showing me the way forward. YourTango is beyond good value. If you are a writer looking for a place to land, I urge you to join the YourTango community.

T-Ann Pierce

Life Coach

Mitzi Bockmann Member Stories
I joined YourTango Experts back in 2015 and since then my business has grown exponentially, in no small part I believe to the YourTango Experts program. With hot topics, every week the editors come up with a list of titles for us to write articles about, and every week I try to write at least one article. So I 100% support YourTango Experts. As long as I'm a coach I will stay with them and I hope you try them out.

Mitzi Bockmann

Life Coach

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