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Welcome to YourTango Experts. We are a digital marketing company focused exclusively on the needs of healing professionals. When we work together, our business consulting team will teach you the branding, keywords, and content marketing strategies required to increase your traffic, reputation, and trustworthiness online.

The result of which is greater ease with running your business and a stronger return on your investment.

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We offer business consulting for the following challenges:

I want to increase my revenue but the programs I have invested in didn’t work for my healing business. My clients need a different approach.

How can I reach therapy or coaching clients?

I have tried marketing my business in many ways, but nothing works consistently. I need an easy plan that works and doesn’t take a ton of time.

How can I build a good list of quality prospects?

I am not a fan of Facebook, YouTube, or other social media sites, but I know people say clients spend a lot of time there.

What social media sites should I be on to grow my business?

My website was built years ago and doesn’t reflect my business anymore. But, I don’t like technology and it feels like a big waste of my time.

What can I do to make my website feel more like me?

As A YourTango Expert, We Offer The Following Support:

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Our sister site offers an easy-to-use membership to get started. With it, you receive the following:

  • Ability to write and submit articles to showcase your authority and thought leadership to YourTango’s 18 million monthly readers.
  • All submitted articles are reviewed by our editorial team & selected articles are edited, optimized, and promoted on the homepage, key section landing pages, and social media.
  • Call-to-action bio in your articles linking to your website and main social media page.
  • Our “Writer’s Toolkit” including an editor-approved article ideas with interesting and important topics to write about, delivered to you each week.
  • 40+ hours annually of our Weekly Business Coaching sessions. Here we teach you how to market and grow your business…
  • Finally, our A.C.E. Insights Newsletter to keep you updated on trainings from our coaching sessions on topics like, “How Therapists Can Make The Most Of Their Facebook & Instagram Pages”, Interviews with Experts published by companies like Harper Collins, TedX Talk know-hows, and how-to trainings on everything from finding the right pictures for your blogs to best-practices to ethically ask for testimonials.

Hold Your Hand

Along with our membership option, we also offer professional help in the following ways:

  • Our “Jumpstart Program” will get your first article successfully published and actively promoted!
  • Our “PR Program” will support you with editorial strategy and promotion so your content is seen by the right people.
  • Hate writing but know the value of great content? Our “Ghostwriting Program” takes the hard work out of publishing so you can spend less time at your keyboard.
  • Finally, feeling short on ideas or inspiration to write about. Members get weekly “Hot Topics” to steer their writing in the most timely, trendy direction.

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In addition to our membership, we also offer 3 popular programs for in-depth growth:

Get A Clear Direction For Your Business

Learn how to best use social media, content marketing, online courses, and more to grow your practice and income.

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Get Website Traffic

Learn how to attract qualified clients to your website without compromising your standards, ethics, or wasting a ton of time.

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Write Your Book

Get down to business and finally write your book. Traditional and self-publishing coaching for writers serious about writing a book.

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Small Business Advice To Grow Your Practice

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