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What our customers have to say.

Julie Spira Member Stories

I’ve been a part of YourTango Experts since the beginning, and it’s been a constant community of education and support. I’ve benefitted from meeting new members to collaborate with and improving my writing skills. I highly recommend joining this supportive group of experts.

Julie Spira

Dating Coach

Karen Finn Member Stories

When I started working with YourTango, I didn’t know exactly what I needed to change. I just knew that my business wasn’t working the way I thought it should.

Now instead of 50 visitors a month to my website, almost 1000 people visit my site every day. My list size has increased by 500%, and my revenue has increased by 300%!

Dr. Karen Finn

Divorce Coach

Larry Michel Member Stories

I have been a Your Tango Expert for nearly a decade and during that time they have remained committed to providing weekly coaching and support via live video conference calls.

Not once have I been on a call without receiving valuable insights, needed reminders and direction on how to create and publish content of value. And I have pages of pages of notes as well.

Larry Michel

Marriage/Couples Counselor

Sheryl Ziegler Member Stories

YourTango Experts has helped me from creating a book proposal outline to writing the proposal that went to auction and was bought by Harper Collins. Without them by my side each step of the way, I am not sure that I would have been able to put in the year of work that it took to complete that process.

Whether you want to write a book or start writing articles, it would be wise to have a coach and I can’t say enough wonderful things about YourTango Experts being your guide in the process.

Dr. Sheryl Ziegler, Psychologist and author of Mommy Burnout: How to Reclaim Your Life and Raise Healthier Children in the Process

Dr. Sheryl Ziegler

Psychologist & Author

Jonice Webb Member Stories

Everyone I’ve encountered at YourTango is extremely bright and competent. I’m happy to be a part of such a great organization.

Dr. Jonice Webb, therapist and author of Running on Empty: Overcome Childhood Emotional Neglect & Running On Empty No More

Dr. Jonice Webb

Therapist & Author

Ruth Littlejohn testimonials

Once a month we get to participate in what we call writing coaching sessions. I’m really pleased by the member care that I’ve received during my time here. So I’m looking forward to a long flourishing time here with YourTango.

Ruth Littlejohn

Spiritual, DEI Coach

T-Ann Pierce Member Stories

The YourTango community has become like extended family. They are my cheerleaders, therapists, friends, personal google and housekeepers, cleaning up my website and my articles. I now have the support of experts who’ve become my mastermind group, inspiring me, holding me accountable and showing me the way forward.

YourTango is beyond good value. If you are a writer looking for a place to land, I urge you to join the YourTango community.

T-Ann Pierce

Life Coach

Kathy Ramsperger Member Stories

The YourTango staff is full of heart-driven compassionate professional staff members who excel in communication and shine the light on me and my work, linking me with you. Potential clients contact me because of an article I wrote and YourTango published weeks ago, months ago, or even years ago.

If you’re a coach, a writer, or someone who wants to reach people with a very important message I highly recommend you join YourTango. Just like me you’ll thrive here and if you’re looking for advice YourTango is your connection point. Take one more step into your future and your story. YourTango can help.

Kathy Ramsperger

Life Coach, Author

Ruth Schimel Member Stories

With each year, the membership has gotten richer and more productive as well as enjoyable and informative.

Included in these worthwhile benefits are weekly hour-long meetings with invited experts who provide effective, expanding information for strengthening a range of experts’ practices, including my own career and life management consulting practice.  Member Services is another timely, high quality and concrete benefit.

Ruth Schimel, PhD

Author, Career & Life Management Consultant

Ann Papayoti Member Stories

The weekly meetings have become master classes. Not only are we networking with therapists and coaches, it allows us just to learn and to grow and for me that’s like an investment in myself every week for one hour.

I really love the Hot Topics because these are headlines provided by the editors that we get the opportunity to write an article about. Another thing that I love is the expert quote programs.

These have helped with my learning and growth and helped me and my business. We’d love to see you!

Ann Papayoti

Life Coach

John Cappello Member Stories

I needed a place where I could learn a little bit more about how to write in today’s internet environment and where I could keep up to date with topics that would be good for my readers and my clientele and YourTango provides all of that for me.

They have classes to help you with writing, help you with social media, with search engine optimization… a host of things including hot topics and a weekly discussion that helps you and other healthcare practitioners know what’s going on in the publishing area. So it’s been extremely helpful to me and if you’re thinking about joining I think that you will benefit a great deal from being a member of YourTango.

John Cappello

Author, Psychic/Medium

Pamela Aloia Member Stories

The Weekly Experts Coaching classes are a main asset for participating in Your Tango. You are supported by various aspects of business, writing, collaboration, self-improvement and more. How better to grow and learn – together and individually. Truly valuable, applicable, and realistic information is shared in these classes!

Pamela Aloia

Personal Development Coach

Ronnie Ann Ryan Member Stories

The weekly coaching calls are brimming with helpful usable information about growing business, SEO, and more. They are becoming a community for people who have practices that offer healing and support to the public which is where I want to be. There’s nothing else like this available. The staff are amazing and it’s top notch business building help and suggestions that work!

Ronnie Ann Ryan

Business Intuitive Coach

Lisa Newman Member Stories

I’ve been a member for several years and have benefited from the experience, both from the training and from working with the editors. The editors give a lot of time and attention to helping us be successful. I’m unable to attend many of the trainings live but the access to replays ensures I don’t miss out.

Things change fast in the publishing world and without their guidance I wouldn’t have gotten nearly the readership or attention that I have had.

Lisa Newman

Health Coach

Linda Kroll Member Stories

I love the weekly coaching calls and always learn so much from each one. YourTango Experts knows how to speak to the problems we face as experts and writers, and gives advice, support, and inspiration to help each of us reach beyond our goals.

I encourage everyone with a message to share that helps others to do yourself the favor of joining YourTango Experts!

Linda Kroll

Therapist, Mediator & Attorney

Teresa Zuvela Member Stories

I am truly grateful for the unwavering support and care provided by the YourTango team to therapists like myself. They genuinely strive to help us thrive and achieve great success in building our personal businesses. I cannot express enough appreciation for all the assistance I have received from YourTango over the years. 

Teresa Zuvela

Mental Health Therapist/Counselor

Alicia Clark Member Stories

For me, the weekly office hours (Weekly Business Coaching) are what I think of as the highest value I’ve gotten from my Tango experience. Branching into the digital world as a therapist is complicated, and the Tango team is there to help every step of the way.

I have learned so much in my collaboration with Tango over the years. In an increasingly digital business landscape, Tango partners with helping professionals not only to grow their businesses but help readers improve their lives.

Dr. Alicia Clark


Anna McKinlay Member Stories

I’m very proud to say I’m a member of the YourTango experts community and now a published writer, which feels so good to say. The team at YourTango are amazing and they have created an incredible support system. And I’m in it for the long haul because this is transformative, not just as an investment in my business but as an investment in myself.

Anna McKinlay

Lifestyle Breakthrough Specialist

Mitzi Bockmann Member Stories

I joined YourTango Experts back in 2015 and since then my business has grown exponentially, in no small part I believe to the YourTango Experts program.

With hot topics, every week the editors come up with a list of titles for us to write articles about, and every week I try to write at least one article.

So I 100% support YourTango Experts. As long as I’m a coach I will stay with them and I hope you try them out.

Mitzi Bockmann

Life Coach

Susan Allan Member Stories

Thank you for the miracle of editor Joanna Schroeder! While I have been writing for YourTango for many years, readership has soared for me because of Joanna’s support and enthusiasm. She is amazingly helpful and as an author herself, she understands how to best serve YourTango’s requirements while continuing to meet my own need to educate and entertain.

Susan Allan

Life Coach, Mediator

Leigh Norén Member Stories

I really like seeing the way the editors edit my pieces because I feel like I learn a whole lot more about what to include in my writing and how to speak to my target audience. Also how to get them to engage with my calls to action to download a free resource or check out my website.

So if you’re considering joining YourTango experts I highly recommend it. I feel like it gives a lot of credibility to my brand.

Leigh Norén

Sex Therapist/Coach