Join The YourTango Experts Membership & Community

There are many advantages to becoming a part of the YourTango Expert community. As the only business of its kind, we specialize in the professional business needs of mental health counselors, life, relationship and executive coaches and healers of all kinds. Our membership is by invitation only and we are seeking professionals in the health, wellness, counseling, coaching, parenting and spiritual arts professions. 

If this sounds like you, we would LOVE for you to join our exclusive community. As a YourTango Expert, membership benefits include:

  • Publishing & quotes: Publish original articles on our site or give our staff your expert opinions on topics they’re writing on. All content published on YourTango is shared with our 12 million readers + millions more on social media. 
  • Editing - We offer members editorial feedback on every article submitted so your writing not only gets polished, but more importantly, you learn what works/doesn't work and WHY so you can improve your skills.  
  • Promotion - after editing, articles chosen for promotion are published to our homepage and promoted across our social channels. This is how we reach millions of readers each month. 
  • Trending writing topics delivered weekly - don’t know what to write about? Don’t worry. Each week we offer 20 new and timely writing prompts to help you focus your articles on topics readers are deeply interested in. 
  • Quote opportunities are targeted to your skills and expertise.  Don’t have time to write a full article, don’t worry, you can submit quotes instead. They are fast and high value because the writing staff does most of the work and you still get a link back to your website. 
  • Weekly Business Coaching. Not sure how to market your helping or healing business? No worries, we have you covered. Our weekly marketing & writing coaching class is part of the membership. We not only teach you how to communicate your message to a targeted audience, we also help you understand how content creation and social media strategy fit into a smart marketing plan.

YourTango Experts provides strategic marketing services for coaches, business executives, and therapists alike to serve the unique marketing needs of healers. 

If this is your area of expertise, we want to invite you to join. Members routinely share that by joining our community, they achieve better results in their marketing. This in turn gives them more time to focus on clients and the parts of their business they truly love. 

If you want to try out our service to really see what we’re all about, please email to schedule a consultation with our team. We will share with you our best offer so you can learn how unique our service truly is. We are unlike any other marketing or publishing community you have participated in before.  

References, case studies & testimonials available upon request.